An Open Source Training Platform designed for analysts and amateurs alike. Enabling users to create and share training scenarios in minutes rather than hours.

Create your own Scenarios

Scenario Editor

Our scenario editor has been designed to be simple on the surface but powerful underneath.

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No matter the scerario you're looking to build for your team or excersise DOSTE has you covered. With a simple to use interface and powerful features you'll be up and running in no time.

  • Easy To Control. With DOSTE you're in control. Manage ongoing scenarios scenarios with the press of a button. Pause, play and scenarios with ease. Controll the flow of information and events. Set Audiences and viewers. The choice is yours.
  • Easy Collaboration. Share your scenarios with your team. Collaborate on the fly and analyse results together, faster.
  • Cloud based. Running on the cloud means you can access your scenarios from anywhere. No need to worry about losing your work. We've got you covered.

Short on Time? No Problem.

Ai assisted scenario creation. Simply provide a name and description and let the AI do the rest. From events to individual posts the AI will generate a scenario for you to edit and share.

Content at the press of a button.

With our content library you'll have access to thousands of pre-made posts and events. Simply select the ones you want and add them to your scenario. It's that simple.

We're constantly adding new content to our library you'll never be short of options.

Where you need something more bespoke our AI has you covered. Provide as much or as little information as you want and let the AI do the rest.